Happy National Hemp Day!

Happy National Hemp Day, Friends!

If this is your first time hearing of such a day, you are in good company; the day was only recently established in 2019. Hemp has been making great strides in recent years, and is quickly becoming a household name.

On February 4th, National Hemp Day proudly celebrates the perennial history of hemp and the 2018 legalization of hemp growth, production, and distribution in the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, hemp is nothing new. It has been an integral part of human history and culture for thousands of years.

In celebration of this wondrous plant, take a look at the following timeline to see some of the great contributions hemp has made toward mankind:

Hemp Timeline

  • 8000 BCE: hemp traces found in modern day China and Taiwan
  • 2000 BCE: hemp mentioned in Atharvaveda (Hindu scripture) as one of five sacred Indian plants
  • 600 BCE: hemp rope discovered in southern Russia
  • 500 BCE: hemp seeds and leaves discovered in Berlin, Germany
  • 200 BCE: hemp rope discovered in Greece
  • 100 BCE: hemp rope discovered in Britain
  • 100 BCE: hemp used to make paper in China
  • 570: French Queen buried in hemp clothing
  • 700: first hemp paper mills appear in China and Middle East
  • 850: Vikings use and expand hemp to Iceland
  • 900: hemp paper made by Arabians
  • 1533: King Henry VIII (King of England) fines farmers who do not raise hemp
  • 1549: cannabis introduced in South America
  • 1616: hemp grown in Jamestown to make ropes, sails, and cloths
  • 1700s: George Washington grows hemp
  • 1776: Declaration of Independence written on hemp paper 
  • 1840: Abraham Lincoln uses hemp seed oil to fuel his house lamps
  • 1916: USDA publishes article uncovering hemp produces four times more paper per acre than trees
  • 1937: Marijuana Tax Act places tax on all cannabis sales, including hemp, heavily discouraging hemp production
  • 1938: Popular Mechanics publishes article illustrating hemp could be used in 25,000 various products
  • 1942: Henry Ford builds car with hemp fiber, 10 times stronger than steel
  • 1942: USDA launches “Hemp for Victory” program, leading to over 150,000 acres of hemp production to support the war
  • 1957: last commercial hemp fields in U.S. planted in Wisconsin
  • 1970: Controlled Substances Act classifies hemp as a Schedule I Substance, imposing strict regulations on industrial hemp cultivation
  • 1998: food-grade hemp seed and oil imported into the U.S.
  • 2004: Ninth Circuit Court decision in Hemp Industries Association vs DEA permanently protects U.S. sales of hemp foods and body care products
  • 2007: first hemp licenses in over 50 years granted to two farmers in North Dakota
  • 2014: Farm Bill signed by President Barack Obama, allowing research institutions to begin hemp farming experimentation
  • 2015: Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in the House and Senate
  • 2016: organic certification from USDA issued to a Colorado farm for its hemp
  • 2018: Farm Bill passed, legalizing hemp production in the U.S.

More victories are in line for the hemp industry! Cheers!
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